How to grow a bonsai tree?


Planting a tree in a Bringing up a Bonsai tree is not an easy task. It is a challenging and patient task in case you are not fully aware of it. A bonsai tree does not get ready so easily after all.

There is a need for proper containers, sunlight, fertilizers, watering, pruning, etc for the Bonsai tree to grow. However, a fully grown Bonsai tree is a feast for the eyes. Well a Bonsai tree comes out of an idea in the first place. It takes the form of an idea and gets a concrete conceptualization through the will of the farmer or a hobbyist. Hence, a bonsai tree can be an aesthetic and artistic one, in case the person taking care of the upcoming Bonsai tree has a passion, a fire, a hunger and a genuine interest.

The basic technique for growing a bonsai tree however remains the same. You need to start of with a tree seed plantation, or a chipping of an underdeveloped tree may do. These seeds are available at local nurseries and internet portals. You need to decide upon what kind of seed you want. You can choose amongst oak bonsai seeds, ficus bonsai seeds, dwarf bonsai seeds, fruit bonsai seeds, etc in order to grow your bonsai tree.

After planting the tree seeds, you need to offer the conditions necessary for the bonsai plant to grow into a developed one. You need to decide what you want to do with the tree: whether you want it to grow like any other tree or you want to make it aesthetic and well designed like the Bonsai trees. The motive plays an important role in growing a Bonsai tree. This is because, a regular tree type does not require pruning and hard and fast rules. Considering that you want a genuine bonsai tree that can sell like hotcakes in auctions due to its design and maintenance, you need to go in for a container first. In case you imagine a giant bonsai tree, a big container can do. In case you want to keep the bonsai trunk small, a shallow pot can hold good. The pot also needs to have a proper drainage system in order to drain out excess water.

You need to fill in the pot with soil brought from outdoors. You can study this easily and an intelligent farmer may prefer outdoor Bonsai soil for the purpose. Then on, regular fertilizers and trimming is the need of the bonsai tree once it has grown. In case you are growing your bonsai tree indoors, you can use liquid fertilizers and plant torch for lighting purposes, in order to replace natural sunshine. But, the basic procedure for the indoor and outdoor bonsai remains the same. Bonsai is actually an outdoor tree plant.

You can trim your bonsai into different shapes and sizes based on manual representations, or as your heart say. You can make your own creative shapes, by using the basic farmer’s tools and doing the necessary homework on sundry questions. Your bonsai tree is ready!