How to care for bonsai?


Bonsai care is essential in order to get the plant growing in an aesthetic and a healthy manner. It is only through caring for your Bonsai that you can actually manage to pass it on from one generation to another, or make the Bonsai live for a century. Bonsai care does not simply mean, watering the plant daily or running daily plant errands. Bonsai care not merely restricted to these. Bonsai care can be regarded to be as a specific activity.

A bonsai tree needs throughout the lifetime, right from the time the tree seeds are planted till the time the mere tree grows into an aesthetic bonsai. Bonsai tree care includes watering the plant in the right measure, placing the plant in the right type of a container, in the right mixture of soil, nourishment with the right kind of soil properties, employment of the right kind of fertilizers(liquid fertilizers in case of an indoor bonsai) and timely pruning. Bonsai tree is a result of real work and care. Apart from pruning and feeding the Bonsai tree the farmer or the caretaker of the Bonsai tree needs to be vigilant regarding the insects and diseases that can hamper the growth of the Bonsai tree and suck the life out of the beautiful tree that was a result of toil and perspiration.

Bonsai care has three very important elements that cannot be ignored. Bonsai care is not done without these three. In general, these two elements of Bonsai care are quintessential and indispensable for a Bonsai. These include: soaking a Bonsai tree a couple of times a week, contact of the bonsai with sunlight if kept outdoors and artificial light if kept indoors. These two are necessary for any Bonsai and every expert agrees on these facts. These daily care tips can help you to maintain the Bonsai in a proper manner. These are the basic things that any bonsai needs.

Bonsai general care can also be considered to be the gratification of the tree needs for water, sunshine and food. In case you have kept your Bonsai tree indoors, you need to set up a proper watering and irrigation system, in order to keep the bonsai tree healthy. You need to soak the bonsai tree in tap water and provide it the immersion necessary for the roots. The tree can be submerged in water till the lowest branch in order to do the task right. You must do this in a proper written schedule in case you are a beginner. When you notice that the soil around the bonsai has started to dry up you must water the bonsai roots. You must not wait for the soil region to become arid completely before your next watering. You need to use a watering hose pipe as it has a moderate water pressure. This immersion is usually done twice a month.

You must provide the tree with necessary sunlight for a few hours every morning, but restrict yourself from placing the Bonsai tree under the influence of direct sunlight in the hot afternoons of the summers.