Foliage plants

Foliage plants are one of the most important bonsai types. There is always a contrasting and confusing opinion with regards to what kind of a bonsai variety to grow. While some like the flowering variety some prefer the foliage plants. However, it is important to learn that growing foliage plants is amongst the best options. These plants respond positively to the farmer and have some of the most striking features. These foliage bonsai plants are found across the world. Asian countries have the largest number of foliage plants present there while New Zealand and other farming countries like Australia also have various foliage plants In their farms.

Amongst the farmers favourites are the Hostas! These hostas are striking and make a farmer go after them. They respond positively to the care, the watering, fertilizing, pruning and farming. It is great to witness the results of your efforts on these hostas variety of foliage plants. These hostas are basically north Asian in origin. They are beautiful and aesthetic. They were also well known as day lilies in an ancient time. There are various varieties of foliage plants like the hostas that the gardeners work with.

The purple sage is also a fine foliage plant that grows beautiful when cared for. These have purple colours and are easy to cut and use again. They shine bright and add colour to the garden. These types of foliage plants have unique clumps at their edge.

The Angelica is another foliage garden plant that has a bright green tinge and a beautiful form, design and touch. The Lingularia varieties of bonsai foliage plants also make a good deal. These plants are plain, simple and elegant. They are a hunt of late due to their purplish leaves. The Aralias are also famous foliage varieties that grow outdoors. The leaves of the Aralias are lush green and shine brightly during the winter season.

Apart from these foliage flowers the gardeners love to cultivate the peonies that grow bright and colourful in spring season. These peonies have rich colours and flower magnificently. The Iris Japonica is a superb foliage plant. They have green clumps that enhance the look. This plant is creatively used by the farmer for various purposes. The snow white flowers make a glimpse beyond words. The golden hop is also one of the best foliage plants. There are various other foliage varieties of plants like the Bergenias, Acanthus, Black mondo grass, Pittosporums, Canna Bengal tiger, Canna Tropicana, Miscanthus zebrinus, the gunnera, euphorbia, etc. The list goes long.

These plants make the best part of the portfolio of individual gardeners with the knack and knowledge. They love growing, experimenting and collecting foliage plants. Advanced bonsai farmers usually engage themselves in this. However, even beginners can gather up knowledge of foliage bonsai plants and make a huge collectibles list with time. It can be interesting. It can be artistic and it can become a serious hobby. Whatever, it may be you must go on with your collection making it a part and parcel of your life.