Flowering Bonsai


Bonsai is a magnanimous art that expresses the soul of the gardener. It is a horticultural practice of growing aesthetic plants in containers; gardening, pruning and designing them. Some bonsai plants are flowering perennials and these plants are also known as flowering bonsai. These perennial flowering bonsai plants are much like any other bonsai plants. They originated more than 900 years ago in the Chinese country and these flowering plants have their birth and development from seeds or through cuttings of underdeveloped trees. They have a long life and can live for a century or more.

They too need all the watering, gardening, pruning, sunshine, training and conditions for a healthy and steadfast growth. The flowering bonsai are much like other bonsai as they too are grown in pots or containers and need the same feeding like others. These flowering varieties of plants are wired in order to get the desired shape and sizes while their growth. These plants need a container for their life and their position within the container is crucial for their growth. The choice of flowering plant variety chosen also needs a check beforehand. These are the three significant and imperative aspects to be considered before the selection of a specific flowering variety.

These flowering bonsai have some varieties amidst them. Amongst these further varieties in flowering bonsai plants the miniature (dwarf) bonsais, the small bonsais, the medium sized bonsais and the average bonsais form a crucial part. The first kind of bonsai; the miniature flowering bonsai variety is marked by a height of upto 2 inches. This kind of a variety matures within 5 years and is ready for displays. While the small flowering bonsai variety grow anywhere between 2-6 inches and take 5-10 years for their maturing, the medium sized flowering variety of bonsai trees grow anywhere between 6-12 inches in height and have a maturing span of 2-4 years. The average height flowering bonsai trees also have the same maturing span but grow between 12 inches to 2 feet in height. These flowering bonsai varieties pretty much cover the whole range of bonsais available in nurseries.

The recommended flowering bonsai varieties are the Japanese maples, the anthurium, the Japanese wisteria, the dwarf pomegranate, the rhododendron, cherry bonsai, flowering apricot, jasminoides radicans, , etc. There are many more examples for flowering bonsai plants apart from the list. These flowering bonsai trees come in two types of styles. The first is the classic style that has a wide base trunk and slightly bends on the upper portion. The second style is the comic style or the informal style that has a narrow trunk with the upper part wider. These styles are seen commonly in various bonsai trees. The cascade style, the semi-cascade, informal upright, tapering, formal upright, etc are also found across the series of the flowering bonsai trees.