Bonzai Tree and Tree Care

Bonzai Tree and Tree Care

Bonzai tree is a popular tree that first came into limelight in Japan where it was traditionally grown. Thought many people believe that the bonzai tree was first seen in China, the tree however gets its name from the Japanese language. The bonsai tree is a traditional Japanese plant that is associated with art, aestheticism, décor and beauty. It is an expression of art and beauty. Bonzai tree grows after much hard work, patience, perspiration and caretaking. Infact, Bonzai trees are sold off in auctions for high prices and are often displayed in special events and shows. The aesthetic element of the Bonsai tree helps it to command a huge audience at these shows. The creativity of a person comes out in the form of the bonsai design and art.

There are several bonsai trees that are famous. The fruit bonsais, the citrus variety, the oak bonsai, Hawaiian Bonsai, ficus bonsai, etc are various options for people to grow in their homes and gardens. This depends on the climatic conditions and the reap preferences. The bonzai tree is maintained and taken care of in a matching pot or container. At the start it is the tree seeds that are planted and nurtured. Once these grow up to be a sturdy tree, the Bonsai art is done on it. As the tree grows the necessary training is imparted on the Bonzai in order to keep it restricted, designed, shaped and sized. The Bonzai then comes out to be an aesthetic tree with the necessary caretaking.

Gardening and watering are essential for the Bonsai tree to grow artistic. The Bonzai tree can be kept as an indoor Bonzai tree or as an outdoor bonzai tree. Indoor Bonzai trees have their own rules of watering as compared to outdoor bonsai trees. Sunlight is an essential part of bonsai growth. Indoor bonsai plants may need to be brought out to the sun for about 5 hours a day. Watering plays the most crucial role in bonsai lifetime. The owner must be careful while watering in order to prevent over watering and under watering. When the soil around the bonsai plant begins to dry out, you need to offer some water to the tree. A hose pipe with a moderate intensity can work well for watering purposes as it doesn’t erode the essential fertilized soil around. Liquid fertilizers can be used for indoor bonsai trees.
The roots and the branches need to be pruned from time to time in order to make the bonsai look goo. The bonsai tree picks up art only when the pruning is done. Some pebbles and wiring around the bonsai tree can also help the bonsai tree to grow in an aesthetic fashion.

You need to take care of the potting environment in order to prevent insects from entering the pot through the drainage hole. This can be harmful for the health of the bonsai tree. Thus, your bonzai tree can be a great boon f you put in the necessary hard work and creativity in its making.

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