Bonsai soil and Bonsai soil mix

Bonsai soil and Bonsai soil mix.

Bonsai soil is always a dilemma for the bonsai beginner. There are two methods in which bonsai soil is put in its place. The first; you can buy the bonsai soil from the local nursery and place it there. The second option would be to collect the bonsai soil and place it there in a blended fashion. The soil needs to be suitable for the growth of the tree. Bonsai trees are placed in a container and the soil needs to be best suited for the vertical growth of the bonsai tree. The soil must have quality ingredients in order that the plant grows out to be healthy, sturdy and long lived. There are various opinions in the air with regards to the type of soil best suited for the bonsai tree. This is because everyone has their own way of doing the same. This is further discussed below.

Bonsai soils that are rich in the minerals and other ingredients that a plant needs make the best match for the bonsai tree. Soils that are condensed are not preferred for the purpose. This is because these soil types may lack certain essential ingredients that are needed for the growth of the bonsai tree. However, loose soil is used for this purpose as they are rich in minerals that act as a catalyst to the plants growth. Another opinion goes that the bonsai soil must be able to push away the excess water yet retain some portion of it. This is because moist soil is preferred over dry soil. These two priorities must be balanced and axed in order to get the best results for your efforts. The roots of the plant basically depend on the type of soil in which they reside. If the right conditions are not provided to the roots they may rot. The plant requires air to breathe and the soil needs to be aerated enough for the purpose.

However, there are different varieties of bonsai that have certain specific individual requirements. They may be different with respect to the watering requirements and the soil requirements. All this needs a bit of research before finally making the soil type decision.

For beginners, it is always recommended that you get the soil from the marketplace. This is because the soil in the market is already a mixture of the fine ingredients that are hormones of growth for the bonsai tree. The mixture is a ready to use one and has the essentials to stimulate the growth of the baby bonsai. This will be highly beneficial to the beginners as well as the bonsai tree. This is a mutual agreement that has to be made.

But the crux of the matter is not that there is one right soil and one wrong. Neither are we saying that there is one perfect soil. But, we are recommending a soil mixture that has all the essential components that are required for a healthy bonsai tree.