Bonsai pottery

Bonsai pottery is an important aspect of bonsai planting and bonsai aestheticism. The bonsai pot is the habitat of the plant and takes a prime role in the plant health, growth and development. The bonsai pots are crucial and as important as the whole bonsai tree itself. The pottery that is used for the bonsai trees plays a predominant role in the aesthetic structure of the bonsai. It enhances the tree look and makes it photogenic. However, there is a pre set method for selecting the right bonsai pot. One needs to buy or fetch a bonsai tree first and then look for a matching pot. This general procedure goes best before selecting a bonsai pot.

While deciding the kind of pottery to be used for your bonsai tree you must look for the function that the pot plays primarily. The functioning and utility of the pot comes first. The pottery must be able to accommodate the bonsai plant with the roots, at least for a year. The pot must be weather resistant and must have a neat drainage system. The container must be of the necessary size and the make in order to get best results. The primary idea is to consider the functioning of the bonsai pottery over the form of the pottery.

The colour of the pottery is also to be considered while selecting. A muddish red or natural earth colour works best. Unglazed pottery is preferred over glazed and flashy pottery. The Japanese way also has it that unglazed and dark colours go best for the bonsai tree in order to fetch the bonsai tree the ancient or traditional look. Amongst the dark colours grey and brownish colours always work with classic bonsai trees.  The colours need to be simple and sober in order to match up to the Japanese and Chinese way of bonsai pottery. Flowering bonsais match with glazed and bright colours like purple, blue and dark green. However evergreen trees go best with the neutral brown pottery.

The shape of the bonsai pottery also counts while making a decision. These ideas can be made clear from the traditional method of looking at bonsai pottery. Oval containers work at their best with the deciduous variety of trees while the evergreen trees are perfectly compatible with rectangular trees. Pottery is also customized in accordance with the tree type. A feminine should be put in an oval shaped pot while a masculine tree does best with a rectangle pottery structure. The size and shape of the pottery must match the plant.

The pottery used for bonsai is designed from Japanese and Chinese countries. The Japanese pottery is highly used in the market as the dimensions, sizes, shapes, glazes; colours, etc are standardized and identical. There is also a brand guarantee and the pottery lasts long enough for the tree. The drainage system and the technicalities are also looked catered to. This distinguishes the Japanese pottery from the western pottery and makes the Japanese superior.