Bonsai Pots and Bonsai Tree Pots

Bonsai Pots and Bonsai Tree Pots.

Every bonsai tree is usually planted in a pot. This pot is then placed indoors or outdoors and embodies the main plant. The pot offers a great look to the plant and makes it look unique. The pot is a showcase that displays the bonsai tree in the best of the shapes, sizes, hues and shades. Therefore, since the pot is important in many aspects, the pot of a bonsai tree must be brought carefully. The appearance, dimension, colour and size of the pot in which the bonsai tree is to be kept, is of utmost importance.

The bonsai pots are also selected on the basis of their safety and dimensions. A drainage hole is a must in order to let the excess water flow away from the bonsai pot. The bonsai pot must also be insect free in order to keep the tree healthy through a healthy root system. The bonsai tree pot must be considered on the basis of the tree coming into it. If the trunk of the tree-to-be is thick, a narrow and wide pot can be considered and vice versa. In case the branches spread far and wide, a wider pot is to be chosen.

Before choosing a bonsai pot it is necessary to consult the local nursery or the internet for ideas and precautions. An experienced person can help you with the required information for the bonsai tree. You can get to know about the various pros and cons for various varieties and types of pots before getting yourself the perfect one. Various articles on the internet are available these days dealing with specific issues while selecting bonsai pots and they are easily accessible. An expert can also help you with a designer pot in case you need one. You must remember that the pot will be necessary for a long run association with the bonsai tree. You may also get the idea of portraying or showcasing the bonsai tree in auctions for which a beautiful pot would be a grand hit.

The hues and shades of a bonsai tree must be considered in the first instance. Owners and farmers often consider the colour of the bonsai pot as the key criteria for selecting a pot. A glazed pot may be suitable for some tree varieties while an unglazed may do for some. Colours such as earth brownish, dark brownish, reddish brown, etc may do well for your bonsai garden.

There is also a distinction of the type of pots mad eon the basis of their gender. After identifying whether your bonsai tree is a feminine or a masculine one, a matching pot can be used for the tree. A light shade pot probably oval or circular works best for a feminine tree whereas rectangles and squares do well for masculine trees. Ex. A black pine, a masculine tree is placed in rectangles and a Chinese while a Japanese maple is placed in a round pot.

Thus, you can manage a customized pot for your bonsai that works well in auctions, only if you do some research.