Bonsai Pot and Bonsai Tree Pot

Bonsai Pot and Bonsai Tree Pot.

Bonsai pots make great statements as they are the epitome of aestheticism and beauty. While selecting bonsai a bonsai pot the colours do a big job. Colours are the first thing a bonsai expert looks for before making his choice regarding the type of base the aesthetic bonsai tree should have. Mud earth tinge works best for these experts as it is a sober and simple colour. Reddish earth is also highly regarded as a good value for your money. These colours match best with various bonsai trees.

These pots are neatly glazed and dine. You need to avoid those lots of fancy and fantasy colours that are available in the marketplace. Tropical flowers make the biggest chunk of bonsai trees and these tropical flowers don’t go with these coloured pots. They rather go with earth colour in the long run.

These bonsai pots or containers look good in the traditional bonsai container style that the Chinese and the Japanese use. Though there are various other varieties of bonsai pots available in the market these type of pots score over others. This is because the Japanese containers are sturdy ad standardized for use. These are identical and have a high quality. The Japanese pottery is an unglazed variety and has subdued colours. The Chinese designs on the other hand are bright and glazed. The best containers these days are thus a cocktail or a blend of the Chinese, Japanese and the western styles of shaping, colour and glazes.

After selecting the kind of the bonsai tree to be used there are a few things to remember for a bonsai pot. The bonsai tree must be planted in a container that goes deep in order to make the bonsai tree live healthier and longer. An unglazed container has a preference over a glazed tree and can be generalized for your case too. Glazed containers as discussed are meant to be for deciduous trees or those trees that bear a fruit.

They look good in glazes as the colour of the pot and the fruit need to be matched. There are certain types of bonsai trees that are masculine and therefore an angled pot suits best for such trees. This is because there may be an angular branch movement for the tree. The feminine bonsai trees are however placed in containers or pots that have flexible blossoming lines. This is for the mild trunk movement. There is no rule as to these trees are masculine or feminine. It is the qualities and exhibits that decide it. The width of most bonsai pots must be a 60% of the height of the tree. Contrastingly if f the tree is wide the pot can be less than a 60% width.

These observations of experts go a long way in helping you to bag the right bonsai pot for your bonsai tree. In the end there is one golden rule that experts use, ‘keep the pot simple’ for best results.