Bonsai Planting and Bonsai Tree Planting

Bonsai Planting and Bonsai Tree Planting.

Bonsai planting is a challenging as well as an interesting art. Bonsai planting has been in limelight from the early Chinese and Japanese civilizations and has today, become an organized activity across the world. Bonsai planting has become famous around the world due to rapid globalisation. Bonsai planting is a hobbyhorse for many people around the world and also assumes a form of a popularly practised art in horticulture. The expression and creativity of an artist comes out through the Bonsai planting that he/she does, and how aesthetic he/she makes them. Bonsai planting is an awesome hobby, job and an art and has a set of techniques and precautions in order that it blooms into a fully developed bonsai plant, with a beautiful image. Thus, bonsai planting is possible through the exhibition of the right skills.

What bonsai variety can I plant?
Bonsai planting is done through the sowing of tree seeds that are available in the market. Even before this step is taken, bonsai planting needs a specific background informational check-up to put your efforts and investments on your favourite bonsai variety. You can choose from different fruit varieties like apple, cherry, orange, pomegranate, lemon, etc. then there are other varieties of bonsai trees like juniper bonsai and oak bonsai. You need to ascertain if the tree seeds are suited for your area temperature. In case you want an apple bonsai, you need to grow it in a hilly area. A citrus bonsai will not respond positively to hill temperatures, but needs a moderate plain temperature. Once you are decided with this, you can look for the respective tree seeds from a nursery or the internet as well.

Sowing the tree seeds
The tree seeds must be planted in a pot suitable for the future of the tree. In case the specific variety of bonsai tree has a thin trunk, the pot needs to be a narrow one and vice versa. A proper drainage system must also be provided for the pot and a manured soil must be placed into the pot. Conditions for planting like sunlight, water, minerals, etc must be provided to the plantation that you have done.

In case you have chosen an indoor bonsai, you must bring it to the sunshade at least for 4-6 hours a day. Artificial indoor lights can help when manual work is not possible. The growth stage needs that the bonsai be placed in the sun. one must be careful of over-watering and under-watering for bonsai varieties. The plant will suffer if not properly cared for.

Bonsai plant-Pruning
Pruning of a few roots must be done occasionally and unwanted branches can be trimmed. A farmer’s knife, wiring material, trimming shears, root rake and bonsai wire cutters may help in proper designing and maintenance of the plant.

Hence, bonsai planting is a daunting yet interesting art, especially when the final plant is out in the open for everyone to see and enjoy.