Bonsai Gardening and Bonsai Tree Garden

Bonsai Gardening and Bonsai Tree Garden.

Gardening is an essential part of the bonsai plant. In order to get the bonsai tree growing in a specific aesthetic pattern, gardening is an indispensable aspect. A bonsai tree gets a fine shape and size, an art, a glow and a photogenic personality after the Bonsai tree is trimmed and taken care of through proper gardening. In case proper care and gardening is not given to the bonsai plant, it will appear like any other tree and will not have a distinguished name. Gardening has some important aspects: sunlight, pruning and watering. These three elements of gardening can make or break a bonsai dream. They help the plant to keep healthy and sturdy.


Watering plays the most important role in bonsai gardening. Watering is important as it helps the plant to keep healthy and fit. Water is an indispensable element for any plant. Watering is an essential and a basic need for the bonsai tree and needs t be given prime importance. An outdoor bonsai tree may need more watering in order to prevent drying away. However, when there are signs of the soil drying away around the pot, watering needs to be done immediately for the bonsai tree. You must not wait for the whole soil to dry out. Watering as a part of gardening assumes an important role in maintaining a proper check of over and under watering. Over watering can seriously harm the plant by choking the roots that take in oxygen for respiration. At the same time under watering can kill the plant.


As a part of gardening pruning plays an important role in developing an aesthetic and healthy bonsai tree. Pruning is necessary in order to make the plant look photogenic and artistic just as a traditional bonsai. Pruning blended with wiring of the branches can give a makeover to the plant. The roots of the tree also need to be pruned up to a quarter of the total percentage of them, in order to let new roots grow and make the plant healthy and sturdy. Pruning of roots, branches, trunk and unwanted parts of the bonsai tree thus helps in effective gardening. This is done with the help of farmers’ tools and wires.


Proper gardening involves exposing the plant to ht necessary growth conditions in order to let it grow healthy. Sunlight, apart from water is the key condition that nay plant needs for its growth and survival. An indoor bonsai tree may need some natural light in order to remain healthy. It must be kept in light for around 5 hours. A normal outdoor bonsai may need to be placed in an area with gentle shade and sunshine in order to remain healthy. Harsh sunlight can hamper growth of the bonsai.

Thus, bonsai gardening can give a face-lift to the bonsai plant and help it sell at high quotes in auctions and fetch itself a unique recognition in special bonsai events.