Bonsai Care and Bonsai Care Instructions

Bonsai Care and Bonsai Care Instructions.

Bonsai care is necessary for the plant to grow in healthy conditions and to keep healthy. Bonsai tree needs care like all the healthy and long-living trees. You need to remember that the most aesthetic Bonsai trees are offered the right amount of care by the owners. Bonsai care starts from the time when the shrub stage itself. If the right care is not provided to the Bonsai tree it will grow up like any other tree. You will not be able to differentiate your tree from the other variety of normal trees. Hence, Bonsai care is essential and includes certain specialized faces in which care can be taken. Here are general and indispensable bonsai care elements.


First of all, whether you are placing your tree indoors or outdoors, the Bonsai tree needs enough sunlight in order to grow healthy. The bonsai tree needs to be put in the sunlight for a few hours in case you possess an indoor bonsai tree. The time period ranges between 3-5 hours, every morning. You must pick up the tree from the sunlight and put it back indoors before the tree is over exposed to sunlight, especially the hot afternoon beams. You may also prefer indoor substitutes of light that are available in the marketplace. They can be appropriate and comfortable for you. If your bonsai are placed outdoors, you must look for the right place, with a blend of shade and light to avoid over exposure of the tree to the scorching sunrays, especially in the summer months. This can be the first step in daily Bonsai care.


Experts and knowledgeable bonsai owners adopt a scheduled system for bonsai watering. You need to water the bonsai regularly based on the variety of bonsai you possess. Expert bonsai owners water the bonsai tree at frequent internals, when they notice the soil area drying up. They don’t wait till the soil completely becomes dry. Traditional Japanese people also submerge the plant up to the lowest branches in tap water, in order to provide refreshing conditions to the roots of the bonsai tree. This is done once in a week or a couple of times in a month.


The right pot must be used for the Bonsai tree. The pot needs to be narrow in case the bonsai tree has a thick trunk. The pot needs to be of the right colour, shape, size and make in order to provide the best conditions and aestheticism to the bonsai tree. The right fertilizers need to be used inside the pot. The pot needs to have a drainage system for water and must be checked in order to prevent bacteria and insects at the drainage hole. Re-potting is also popular as the tree grows.


Pruning of the heavy branches and roots needs to be done occasionally in order to keep the tree healthy. A wire, cutting tools, pebbles and few other things can make the tree aesthetic.