Bonsai Books and Books on Bonsai

Bonsai Books and Books on Bonsai.

Bonsai plants are much loved by the owners and the farmers. The art of growing Bonsai is amongst the chief reasons for it. The aestheticism associated with Bonsai plants allures people from across the globe, starting from the Japanese to the Canadians. Moreover, some people are attracted to the Bonsai trees for the auctions that fetch big money and some for a hobby. Well, whatever be the reason for maintaining a Bonsai tree, you always need some guidance for the plant. This guidance may be regarding the art of cultivation, the method of watering, the way to a photogenic Bonsai or the secret to getting rich through Bonsai’s. Well, you may not always need to go to the search engines and look for articles with matching keywords. For Bonsai buffs, Bonsai books can turn out to be a handy option. These books offer a good reading regarding caring for a bonsai, growing a bonsai and whatever you may be looking for. There are matching titles for the keyword in your mind. These books can be a step by step guide or a gift idea.

“Bonsai- pocket encyclopaedia” (Rd home handbooks)by Harry Tomlinson You get to learn how to shape your Bonsai into fine shapes and sizes. This is an amazing beginner’s guide to using bonsai equipments and all other Bonsai basics. Infact, this book contains the stages of development, examples, pictures and lots of exciting bonsai care techniques.

“101 Essential Tips: Bonsai by Harry Tomlinson and Deni Bown This is another book by the same author that offers guidelines for watering and caring for your bonsai. This also has more than 400 photos with illustrations. This is a book that can be opened again and again and referred to.

“Bonsai Basics: A Step-By-Step Guide to Growing, Training & General Care by Christian Pessey This book is an in-depth guide to bonsai growing, maintaining, pruning and styling. This book also offers tips for preventing Bonsai diseases. What people like about this book is the calendar that guides you with the daily chores.

“Bonsai School by Craig Coussins This book is an excellent guide for beginners with instructions and techniques. This book shows you photos of different growth stages. Those looking for art on their Bonsai plants must consider this as the choicest books. This is a refreshing guide with explanations and illustrations.

“The Complete Book of Bonsai by Harry Tomlinson This is the mother of all books to be considered in case you need to keep just one book. This is a starter’s book that helps you to learn and grow your Bonsai skills. You have all they key details needed for Bonsai plantation along with an explanation on artworks in horticulture. It is amongst those books that need to be digested.

“Totally Bonsai” by Craig Coussins This is a guide book written by Craig Coussins for growing, pruning, designing and caring for dwarf trees and shrubs. This is also a good source for background and general information regarding Bonsai plants and their varieties.