Banyan Bonsai and Banyan Tree Bonsai

Banyan Bonsai and Banyan Tree Bonsai.

The banyan bonsai is an awesome and appreciated bonsai tree. The banyan bonsai tree is also associated with mysticism and spirituality. This tree is found across Asian countries in bog numbers and they have a unique belief that there are mystical powers, ghosts and supernatural elements present on the banyan tree. This tree is looked up to at times of difficulty and is regarded as an assuring tree. However, it has an unsurpassable beauty with its exquisite art and design. This also makes it a much sought after tree in the global and local markets. Amongst the various bonsai varieties, the banyan bonsai tree sells like hotcakes in the global market. There is a unique feature of this tree that it has the ability to grow on its own when not cared for at times. This tree has wide spreading branches and a thick trunk that makes it a hot seller. The roots of this tree are aerial and look magical.

However, the banyan bonsai tree is much like any other variety from the bonsai family. In order to make it look good and keep healthy, the banyan bonsai variety needs to be trimmed and pruned with the farmer’s tools from time to time. There is also a need for wiring as the tree spreads out if not cared for. This tree is an outdoor tree and responds positively to moderate light.

It should not be placed in the dark of the room. Sunlight is an essential part of the life cycle of the banyan bonsai tree and the owner needs to understand this. Harsh sunlight is not recommended at all. The roots portion needs to be trimmed in a particular ration in order to let some of the roots stay and others to be replaced by new roots. The leaves of the tree along with some of the branches may also need serious pruning. This is recommended in case you want to make your banyan bonsai tree an eye grabber at events and bonsai shows.

The banyan bonsai tree also looks for water. This water is essential to it like the other plants too. Watering the tree in the right proportion can go a big way in making the tree healthy. The drainage system of the pot also needs to be taken care of. The pot need not be glazed. A mud colour pot is best suited for the banyan bonsai tree. An angled pot can be better than a circular one as it has some branches moving out in directions. The drainage hole must be checked for any kind of bacteria or harmful disease causing foreign elements. Fertilizing is also another essential need.

The training part of bonsai must comprise of getting the right turns and twists on the branches. After all this, the banyan tree can be ready and beautiful. You must definitely think of gifting a banyan bonsai tree to your close ones to make them feel special and make their day.