Bamboo Bonsai and Bamboo Bonsai Tree

Bamboo Bonsai and Bamboo Bonsai Tree.

The surname bonsai has too many varieties of names a prior to it. Of the many exciting and interesting species and varieties of bonsai trees is the bamboo bonsai tree that is scientifically called as Dracena Sanderiana. Even for the bamboo bonsai there are sub title varieties under it. Well, the bamboo bonsai variety is a striking one and is used as a gifting variety amongst the bonsai family. The bamboo is used as a gift as it has certain significance with luck, charm and fortunes. This comes from it name. It is called the lotus bamboo or the Lucky bamboo and is believed to be true to its name. This is grown far and wide from the Japanese and the Chinese lands to the western nations. Be it as a hobby or as a mainstream occupation, the bonsai bamboo variety is one that is grown widely. The Lucky bamboo tree is known to be a lamp of riches and fortunes for the owner and is well-known for this purpose exclusively. This variety of bonsai is charming and striking.

The bamboo owners usually provide all the necessary watering and sunlight to the tree while making it aesthetically active. During the farming of the bamboo bonsai variety there may be some immature stems that crop up from the plant in the initial year of its development. This is followed by the prolonged growth of the bamboo bonsai to its fullest height in the subsequent year. At this stage the bamboo bonsai also becomes fully mature. The stems of the bamboo bonsai tree usually fade away after a few seasons, probably 5-6. A series of stems is necessary for keeping the bamboo bonsai tree healthy.

The bamboo tree is kept in conditions of moderate lighting and shade. This tree is not quite adjusting to harsh sunrays like any other bonsai trees. The bamboo bonsai tree is also a strict no for those living in cold regions as this tree has issues with frost. This is why, a moderate temperature is best for the bonsai tree. The bamboo bonsai tree does well with watering and requires a lot of water. However, overwatering is strictly not recommended.

There are also other fertilizer needs for the bamboo bonsai trees. The tree needs fertilizers that have high nitrogen content in them. This is because the bamboo trees grow long stems in the summer months and the tree needs to grow up in order to cope with the long stems. Pruning and gardening are also important aspects of a bamboo bonsai tree. The worn out leaves are usually trimmed out during the autumn and winter. A few stems of the bonsai tree are also pruned. Moist soil is best for the bonsai bamboo tree and repotting needs to be done every 2 years.